SpringTime Challenge!

To help make a difference in the world through your actions, you�re being challenged to join Emma�s Peace Gang and complete a few tasks to both help grow the organization and put into action the power of volunteerism!

By the Summer Solstice (June 21st), you�re being challenged to:

1)Join Emma�s Peace Gang and like Emma�s foundation at www.facebook.com/EmmaMunsonFoundation,

2)Get 5 other people to join the gang (friends or family),
3)Volunteer 5 times (today counts!) � doing anything that helps your fellow mankind,
4)Get one of your new recruits to volunteer with you at least 1 time,
5)Complete the challenge by �posting� about your experiences either on Facebook or at the Peace Gang site

Some of the details for the challenge are still rolling out � you�re part of the grass root effort to grow volunteerism in Emma�s name. Visit www.EmmasPeaceGang.net/SpringTimeChallenge for more details and ways to help get involved and make it easier to complete the tasks�

Are you up for the challenge?
YES!, count me in
Hmmm..., I'll come back later