January 1, 2014-->REGISTER HERE

Happy New Year! Here's wishing you a peace filled 2014.

Made lots of changes to the site in preparation for a soft-launch, it feels like the pieces are in place, but need to shake things out a bit more. The real key will be to test drive with real volunteer activity and take no suggestions to improve. Should be easy to join and record activity - and encourage you to get others involved.

Stay Tuned!

December 27, 2013 -->REGISTER HERE

WOW!... Something must have happened because we have had almost 100 unique visitors to the site since Christmas Morning without any effort on our part. I think someone must have tweeted that the Peace Gang is 'out there' - a bit premature but still interesting to see how social media can help get this movement moving. Need to get these 'casual visitors' to convert to registered members so that we have names to attach to the clicks. Working to build the social media connections - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - so that we can share and attract followers for when we start to put our plans into action.

Hope to get the initial volunteer activity behind the Gang - both in Pittsburgh and Los Gatos on the site so that we can share insight - we have had 3 volunteer activities so far that our families have started to 'prime the pump' and we're hoping that once registered our gang members will begin to volunteer and help us both test the site and the concept behind the Peace Gang´┐Ż

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Meredith registered today - so we have our second unsolicited member. Still have lots of work to do on the site, primarily focused around getting people to register so that we have an audience to talk to about changes that are made and to begin the grass roots movement. Would love to see some of these initial registrations turn into active members by donating time - doing anything that helps another soul on this earth - so that we can begin to test to idea behind the gang.


December 23, 2013

Checked on-line today and we have our first non-Family registered member - a friend of the California Munson's. While the site is up and running, it is very much a prototype and something that needs work before we actively try to register 'the gang'. But I have to say it was great to see this first registration and I have to get some feedback since the work to date has been mostly my doing and some feedback from Chris. You have to star somewhere.

December 20 2013

The first shipment of bracelets arrived today and they look great!

The plan is to send one of these to each gang member after they've registered and volunteered a few hours so that we can use their time to build a good base. Sent a bunch out to Uncle Chris in Los Gatos California as they prepare to do our second 'project' as part of Emma's memorial. Details to follow once they complete their volunteer activity and we make the donations from the memorial and our family. Check back by end of year for details.