February 1, 2014

Lots of activity and updates and the site is beginning to take shape. Some concerns over SPAM email that is generated may push us to another Internet Provider - but for now, focusing on improving the useability of the site. Since we started, we have had over 40 people register and nearly 100 hours of volunteer time has been recorded. Once we hit our stride, we'll use this 'time' to chase 'dollars' to fund projects towards Emma's Inspirations - helping us do even more with your gift of time.

If you're reading this.. Why not volunteer a few hours this week and help make a 'bigger' difference?

December 18, 2013

The first version of the Peace Gang site is now up - it's rough but a decent start. The primary purpose is to get people to understand what the Gang is all about and to register/join - that will allow us to build a following to begin to test drive the concept which is to promote volunteerism and attract financial donations.

If you're reading this.. Please register by following this link