The gang was conceived on December 2, 2013 through a revelation about how to tie the goals of Emma�s foundation to real change in the world. Raising money to funnel to noble causes is just part of what the foundation stands for, making a difference in the world is its overall mission.

Our collective energy, especially youth, is an amazing resource in the world � time is one of our most valuable assets. Some of us will have 70+ years on this planet, some of us just over 19. Doing the most with the time that we have is key, and the Peace Gang is an outlet for expressing that goal. Doing and tracking our efforts and challenging others to contribute financially to complement this effort will allow Emma�s foundation to do great work in the world.

When you join the movement, you become part of the revolution in this world to do good for others. Doing and tracking your volunteer activities will inspire you and others to do more. Knowing that your donation of time will be used to attract financial donations should inspire you to do more.

Learn more about the current Gang Activity by reading our UPDATES page or our BLOG.

I live for the day, and see where it takes me�
-Emma Munson